From a foundation......

Each horse is as unique as we are and we have to adapt to the horse, he does not have to adapt to us. What he does on the ground he will do in the saddle.

There is no reason to make it happen, set it up and LET it happen, why try and force and create 1000 lbs of conflict. Introduce a situation to a horse and let him find the way to resolve it.

.... to a smooth transition to the saddle.


A horse can find it very difficult to do what you are asking of him if he does not know where to put his feet. In the first picture I am finishing the work on this horse that would not load. I taught him that I was simply asking him to move his feet in the direction I wanted wherever that may be. Confident in my direction, he loads.

Loading a horse is having a horse confident enough that knows where you are asking him to put his feet and follow direction(cues).



Teaching a horse to lead does not simply mean that you pick up the lead rope and he follows you. Leading means that you can ask the horse to go left, right, sideways, backwards, wherever you wish him to put his feet. After all, that is what you are going to ask of him when you ride. You are going to ask him to go where you want, confidently and without hesitation.



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