" To try and to fail is to have at least said that one tried.
To not try is to surely fail.
" Jeff

"This site is NOT about Natural, Vaquero, Buckaroo, Behavioral, Whispering Horsemanship or any other overused, overworked hype that created these meaningless Marketing terms. This site and myself is about Horsemanship, as I understand it!

No Showmanship, It is about Horsemanship!!!

Horsemanship is not as difficult, complex or confusing as these showman would have you believe. You do not need to join a club, buy an endless stream of videos or purchase the latest gimmick. You do not have to have the ability to stand up in your saddle on a two year old colt, ride a horse into a horse trailer or solve any problem in 45 minutes - that is marketing not Horsemanship."

It's Your Ride, Enjoy It!

Just put your foot in the stirrup, swing your leg over,
look out to the horizon and ride.

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