I planted sunflowers along the fence by the road in hopes they would cheer the weary traveler. I wanted to send the message"You are Welcome".
By Maxie Davies

Flying Heart Ranch


Frank Davies ~ 1942
I met Frank and Maxie many years ago and it was much to my good fortune.

I would visit Frank and Maxie often throughout the years (never often enough) and when I arrived at The Flying Heart I would seek out Frank who always had some sort of project going on. When I found him, there appeared to be no acknowledgment between us, he simply directed me to where I should be in the project and what I should be working on. We would go all day and then some and when we were done he would ask me to the house where we would shake hands and he would ask "how in the hell have you been". It was always as though I had never left.

Maxie Davies ~ 1955


On the Flying Heart Ranch at home on horseback


Frank Davies ~1938 ~
Trying to educate or being educated

Maxie was, is and always will be a teacher. Patience just seems to be a way with her when one wanted to learn, human or horse.

Frank at age 91



Cowboy Wisdom

I recall a man coming to Frank and telling him of his problem horse and he asked Frank if he was a horse trainer. Frank said "I ride 'em". The man persisted in wanting to know if Frank was indeed as talented a horse trainer as he had heard. Frank finally told the man, definitively,that "he rides horses and then he rides them some more until they get the idea".



Maxie schooling a horse



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